Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well here I am!

So I am officially a blogger! I am a artist working with acrylic and most any other medium I can get my hands on, for real... rusty bottle caps, screws, anything that I see a hidden beauty in. All my work is for sale, contact me for more information. I will eventually get into the flow of editing my new blog but for now here is my bio to get us acquainted.
Looking forward to getting into this!

Sandra Turtle has an intensity of color usage and texture that convey untamed passion and emotion in her work. She paints with imagination, creating exotic new textures that stretch far beyond the conventional uses of acrylics and other multi-mediums.

In her “Thick Woman” exhibit she portrays a comical and seductive side of her artistic abilities. In her abstract exhibit “Sense of Touch” excitement and color leap off the canvas in 3-D.

Growing up in Miami and having traveled abroad her fondness of color was born. Now reaching retirement and she finds herself entering a world where her art can fill her days and she can delve into a life of creative pleasure.